It would seem that Folds was a habitual petty criminal and from the documents checked at the National Archives the summary of his criminal activities has been drawn up and listed below. All cases are within the Quarter Sessiens Ceurt system

Place Date Offense Sentence Remarks
Burnley 23 November 1854 Assult 2 months as Folds Cronkshaw
Colne 23 February 1855 Rogue and Vagabond 1 month as Folds Cronkshaw
Burnley 16 May 1855 Assult 2 months as Folds Crankshaw
Preston Sessions 7 January 1857 Stealing £22 10s purse &c 15 months as Folds Cronkshaw
Burnley 28 August 1858 Drunk 14 days as Folds Cronshaw
Burnley 12 January 1859 Drunk 14 days as Foulds Cranshaw
Preston Sessions 19 May 1859 Stealing 21 razors 4 years penal servitude as Folds Cronshaw.
Was in Dartmoor Prison at the time of the 1861 census
Colne 25 December 1869 Assulting a female 6 weeks as Foulds Cronshaw
Burnley 25 October 1870 Drunk 7 days as Foulds Cronkshaw
Accrington 12 June 1871 Drunk 7 days as Folds Cronshaw
Preston Sessions 22 November 1871 Stealing £1 and a purse 7 years Penal Servitude and 7 years Police supervision as Foulds Crankshaw.
Was in prison in Preston at the time of the 1881 census

Details of his later career are still being investigated and will be reported in due course